Acoustic Glass Partitioning

Comfortable acoustics can make a working environment more effective and play an important role in employee well being and efficiency.

Genfodt’s expertise in the effective design and installation of acoustic glazed partitioning is key to many a successful project, and is freely available as part of our service.

We offer expertise in glass partition acoustic design, research and development, with an experienced team providing the best in acoustic advice for your project.

To talk to us about your specific acoustic requirements.

In-House Technical Expertise

There are numerous questions that need to be answered when specifying acoustic glass partitions. We have our own acoustically qualified Technical Manager who is on hand to help answer these questions and to offer professional advice, helping you to select the right products to suit your specific requirements.

Additionally, our expert team of Project Managers and installers, with years of experience and knowledge, are trained to look out for the potential pitfalls on site to ensure that there are no acoustic weaknesses that might compromise the acoustic performance of our glass partitions.

Research and Development
Acoustic Experience in Offices and Beyond